RBN does a disservice by giving Marianne Williamson an interview. She's full of crap. It's typical new age nuttery blended with sophisticated vocabulary. There's nothing of substance and full of positivity nonsense.

Her demeanor was very patronizing when she was talking about reparations. She has absolutely no idea what she's taking about or she simply cannot comprehend her own privilege. On one hand she's talking about reparations and the other she's quoting 'All men are created equal' from the very same constitution that considered BIPOC people as property in the form of slavery.

Marianne's take on Israel/Palestine is despicable. It clearly shows that she is an ardent apologist of settler-colonialism both home and abroad. Rome and Nick's intervention might have been emotional but it is fully understandable.

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Yeah she was pathetic with her I’m a Jew and I see both sides.

Dear Lord.

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you guys are rad

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Rich, white lady got upset by...

...which is it?

"angry black men" or "Bernie bros"???

Or both?

She was a standard slick, lying politician, until she decided it was time she wanted to bring Nick to heel. Then, she got frightened by Rome and ran away.

Perhaps it was un-professional, but how's she gonna deal with hecklers at normal political events?

How's she gonna bomb the fuck out the planet if she if frightened by some passionate black men?


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The Democrats have a history of saying one thing on the campaign trail and doing the EXACT opposite if they get into office. Bernie turned into a sheep herder. Worse than anything folks say negatively about the wonderful Ralph Nader. Marianne W is not to be trusted if she has a D after her name. And I paid to see her in Farmington MI a decade ago and got a couple of her books. Now she wants to run on a D ticket? Bye

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A damn shame that it ended the way it did.

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