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Fake Marxists never call themselves revolutionary communists. Communism is the heart of Marxism. Dialectical materialism is the toolchest Marx developed to help understand the contradictions of the world both man-made and natural. Fake Marxists never understand the nature of the capitalist state and always prescribe electoral activity to affectuate change. They are quacks. Fake Marxists do not understand the process of change and eventually become dogmatic as they do not understand dialectics and historical materialism. That is why PLP is unique in advocating that socialism is a corrupt hybrid that maintains wage labor and therefore is incapable of advancing to communism a system where money and wages are abolished and all wealth is distributed solely by need. Egalitarian communism is the only system that can meet the needs of the international working class and the only system worth dying for. Join the international Progressive Labor Party. Smash racist capitalism with communist revolution. See plp.org. Don't vote, organize. Recruit friends and family as comrades in the PLP.

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