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glad you didn't confuse sharing the same views about a subject with me and somehow being my unelected representative instead of being a human that consumerist church worships on high. Once you accept unelected representatives forced on you from on high you've been bought and sold. Where Jimmy Dore goes wrong no environmentalist voted Greta Thunberg as their representative nor would they celebrities are usually the least capable, the elite chose her to represent them just as they are choosing him to represent me. My universal suffrage isn't for sale not for the environment and not for Ukraine war.

Going to tell you an important story where Clare Daly's socialism, Maya Angelou's civil rights and universal suffrage in the American constitution actually come from. Story that nobody will tell you its long from faraway land but you're there every step of the way. About 100 years ago there was a man, just a poor ordinary man born in a country his parents had immigrated to. In this country a miracle happened to the poor and the powerless but the rich hated it so much they've spent 500 yrs trying to destroy it. Miracles always start with God, one day God said everybody's equal everybody's getting a vote and so everybody understands what they're voting for everybody's getting an education. Now the rich didn't want everybody to have a vote, didn't want everybody to have an education and they definitely didn't want to pay for that education and the king agreed. King tried to make himself head of this church and let the rich pick its ministers instead of the peasants voting them in. The women were very angry because its 1600's and they've already got universal suffrage and universal education they don't want to give it up so they throw stools in church and beat up any minister trying to implement it but the ministers hire gun men to point pistols at the women in church.

Men don't like pistols being pointed at their mum, sisters, wife or daughters they write something called a covenant and in the 1st literate country in the world everybody signs it but not with their name but their blood. That made king angry so he declared war on the covenanters but the covenanters won.

Now the king was really angry, since he was also king of the country next door he said to its parliament buy me an army to kill those covenanters, but the parliament said you're already head of our church and that church has nothing to do with our church we don't want to. The king went to war with the parliament and the parliament won and chopped off his head. The parliament's general dismissed the parliament sold the covenanters as slaves to the new world and made himself the dictator Oliver Cromwell.

Now the king had a son and when the dictator died the son signed an agreement saying he'd respect church's independence, universal suffrage and non hierarchal structure. The new king lied instead he made something called 'The Killing Times' anybody reading a bible outside with others could be killed, anybody reading a bible outside on their own could be killed. Almost everybody hated the evil king and lots of people went to the new world to find their covenanter brothers and sisters sold as slaves.

Now the evil king died and made his new brother king but the parliament didn't like the brother because he was Catholic so they invited his sister's husband to be king.

Now many in the far north who wore blankets called kilts were Catholic but all of them were part of a clan and sometimes women were head of clans and when they married they were still head of the clan and if they divorced the clan land belonged to the clan head not the husband. They went to war with the king the parliament had chosen. The king was clever he promised the people that if they fought for him he would protect independence of the church and if they shut their parliament they could join the parliament that chose him the parliament that created the dictator Cromwell and that parliament would protect the church. Still the people didn't want to so he bought a rich gambler that had made himself poor and along with a few others they waited until their parliament was almost empty and voted it out of existence. This made the people very angry.

This king also lied, 3 years after the parliaments were joined the parliament voted the church part of the state and said it could chose its leaders. This made the people even angrier so they took them to court but they lost.

Meanwhile the New world had a revolution and the children of the covenanters were there and the children of the men in blankets called kilts people called them Jacobites. Now the covenanters knew the monarch always lies and always tries to take power and control of their church so most of them fought with the revolutionaries. Jacobites knew when you go to war with the king you get deported and bad things happen so most of them chose to stick with the bad king but there were much less Jacobites than covenanters. Covenanters won and wrote their covenant into the constitution to protect it for all time. Nobody got universal suffrage because they didn't know why you need universal education they never got that, when you can't write your own story somebody else writes it for you and they were sold the story of being descended from the men in blankets called kilts until the covenant written by their ancestors became meaningless.

The others who did know their story kept fighting, one time they won the right of the peasant parishioners to chose not the landed gentry. The lawyer that won decided that if everybody had universal suffrage in church and everybody had universal education then they could have political universal suffrage and even vote to be an independent country again. This made the rich very angry as they'd already hung people for saying these things, now a lawyer and church elder was saying it people might believe him. The rich got police to spy on him and his friends. When they were arrested people were very angry but also frightened to say something because they could be hung too. One of the peasant farmers frightened to say something wrote poetry in his spare time decided he could write a song about it if he pretended the song was about something else. The peasant wrote the song and called it 'scots wha hae' - Scots who have and pretended it was about Bannockburn battle where won and kept Independence from their neighbour. They didn't hang the lawyer or his friends they transported them to Australia for 14 years.

The people were really angry and decided to keep their religion and leave the church. Now they had no buildings and no money to educate everybody. When a voice appeared and said we will give you money if we can join your church. But a man called Frederick Douglass came to visit the peasant that wrote the song and said I know where that money comes from, comes from denying all humans are equal, comes from denying all humans are human and selling humans as beasts of burden. The people screamed, some carved 'send the money back' into a big hill in their country's capital the Newspapers raged and people sang songs but still the new church would not send the money back.

Now they were really angry something called 'the industrial revolution' was going to make them beasts of burden too. They were going to have to work for somebody else and for very little money and have very little time to read the books they could no longer afford to buy. They called the angry people radicals, some of them created libraries and some of them confronted the government.

The people stayed angry and kept fighting for universal suffrage. More people joined them when they threw the children of the Jacobites off their clan land and they too saw it was the rich and the monarchy that prefer sheep to men but men that think like sheep are even better. They called themselves socialists and most of them lived in a place called Red Clydeside. One day the poor immigrant son at the start of our story got a job working for another poor illegitimate peasant's son the 1st Independent Labour MP. The poor immigrant son went back to Ireland to tell them the story he'd learnt.

The poor migrant son was shot trying to start a revolution and the soldiers dragged out his half alive body for execution and instrad of killing what was already dead they made him the symbol of the revolution and of a peasant up form of socialism born from the dreams of peasants that owned universal suffrage and universal education that the rich stole from them again and again and again.

One day somebody gave a little girl a book written by a peasant in a far away land 100's of years ago. Litlle girl wondered what the language was, then she wondered why it talked of chains and slavery why this peasant from a long time ago knew her feelings, when she worked it out she started writing too about her chains and slavery, her songs. The little girl died before she heard our last song. We didn't leave the Labour Party it left us we're not voting red tory, blue tory or yellow tory any more.

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