It’s up to the community of comrades to spread this critical-hit debunking of the inside game strategy: justice democrats, progressives, the squad are all feeble attempts bolstered by the most powerful propaganda apparatus the world’s ever known. If more people hear this analysis, and really think critically about it, they’ll realize how silly the strategy is and how even sillier are these podcasters who treat their audiences like children instead of trying to educate them by exposing what bs it is to have feel-good moments because bernie or marianne does a gotcha moment on stage by talking for a 30s soundbite about student debt relief. Doesn’t mean much on its own and doesn’t mean jacks--t if just a few months later they’ll be saying clown sh--t like “my friend joe biden” and “push them left” or “I’d rather fight (WWIII) joe biden than trump.” gtfoh

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